John Daniel Smith Portfolio 2011
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About John Daniel Smith

John Smith - Yeah, that's his real name... He throws the Daniel in there for clarification. And you can stop that Pocahontas joke right there... Heard it before.

John grew up reading books, building tree-houses, playing cowboy, and making videos of he and his friends attempts to skateboard. Back in those days it was all about in-camera editing and taping your walk-man headphones over the handy-cam mic to provide a punk-rock soundtrack to your skate video. Since then he has been delighted to discover the cybernated playgrounds of non-linear editing, digital compositing, and Cinema 4D.

As a home-schooler, he was one of those nerdy kids that would rather build a hang-glider out of leftover pvc pipe and an old tarp than sit in class all day. That hands-on attitude continues to be a hallmark of his work today. Despite being a 21st century digital boy, John loves to find a tactile approach to telling stories where possible. Stop motion animation, lighter fluid, smoke machines, and black felt are some of his favorite mediums.

John directed successful projects for the Idaho Potato Comission, Simplot, and the Boise State Bronco's while serving as Creative Director for DTX Creative. He is now available for hire as a freelance motion designer/videographer/composer.